Friday, May 18, 2007

May 17, 2007
I'm new the whole blogasphere - didn't know what it was until a year ago and didn't care enough to really try to figure out what "blogging" was all about. I think I understand better now - it's a diary of sort that you can share with the world, your closest friends, family and total strangers. It's nice to know that there are others out there that care about the same things you do.

Case in point - just moved to Norman and found great joy in my work, my home, my community. I am an avowed knitting enthusiast - I love yarn - touching it, feeling it, just being in a yarn store makes my cortisol levels drop dramatically - I can literally feel my stress ebbing away. Why? Well - surrounded by all the lovely yarn available and all those lovely projects just waiting to be made gets your brain humming - ok, it's not like I don't have 3 tubs - no my hubbie just told me try 10 tubs of yarn just waiting to be knit. Hey - that stash is for the day I can't afford to purchase yarn - let's live for today - buy more yarn.

While at the SWAK knitting retreat in Guthrie - If you haven't gone to Guthrie, OK to visit the best LYS on the face of the planet - get thee there. Keely has a great store, great employees and offers the best knitting retreat this side of the Mississippi - I digress - while at the knitting retreat sitting at the feet of Myra Stahman a fellow Normanite told me about a knitting group that meets at the local Borders. YAAAHOOOO! Not only great joy in just being in Norman - now a knitting group?? With fellow avowed knitting enthusiasts? Pinch me. I went and took my wonderful - new knitting daughter- with me. What fun we had meeting all of the other ladies who love what I love. We were all ages and knitting experience and curious about the projects each were doing. Connecting with other knitters is - well - in a word - Wonderful. We can share what we love doing without fear of the "look". You know the look - that "what are YOU doing knitting - isn't that for old ladies look." Hey sistah's knitting isn't just for the "young at heart" but for all. There are some really cool patterns out there with even cooler yarn. Get with it and learn how to knit!!

I'll take a picture of my current project - as soon as I learn how to do that - and post it and let you track with me my Rowen cable knit sweater. Fabulous going so far with Jo Sharp yarn.

Stay tuned and I'm hooked - this is fun!

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